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Stall Prices

Stall prices

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STALL info

There are around 230 stalls and 20 catering pitches available at VegfestUK Brighton. The stalls start at 2m front by 2m depth. There are also 3m x 2m options if required, or bigger if you want.

Stalls are available on both ground floor and first floor - see floor plan for details.


We have separate rates depending on stall positions (please refer to our floor plan for reference):

Rate 1 - for stalls with stall numbers beginning with letters Q, T, U

Rate 2 - for stalls with stall numbers beginning with letters N, O, P, R, S

Rate 3 - for stalls with stall numbers beginning with letters A - M and CAT


All stalls are space only with a table and no shell schemes - no chairs are provided. Please note: the use of gas and naked flames are strictly prohibited at this event.


NOTE: Any stallholder who wishes to do any form of cooking must be located in stalls with numbers beginning with A - L or CAT. There is to be strictly no cooking at other stalls at the event.


Each stall includes 

• listing in programme

• listing on 'Stallholders' page of website

• coverage on Facebook and Twitter

• 4 staff passes for each day for the event


Most people come for both days, but there are some limited 1 day only pitches available too, for either Saturday or Sunday.

Please contact the office for availability first if you wish to apply for a 1 day stall.

Electricity is available on request at an extra charge. Please note that gas bottles and naked flames are not permitted at this venue

All stall prices are subject to a VAT rate of 20% (except for registered charities).

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Prices for stalls

  Charity Charity Charity Trader Trader Trader
  Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3
2m x 2m open 1 side £95 £150 £195 £295 £395 £495
2m x 2m corner £150 £195 £250 £350 £450 £550
3m x 2m open 1 side £150 £195 £250 £395 £550 £695
3m x 2m corner £195 £250 £295 £495 £695 £795
3m x 3m Caterer           £495


Note: prices for bigger stalls as follows:

4m x 2m open 1 side = twice that of 2m x 2m open 1 side

4m x 2m open 2 sides = 2m x 2m open 1 side + 2m x 2m corner

4m x 2m open 3 sides = twice that of 2m x 2m corner


6m x 2m open 1 side = 3 times that of 2m x 2m open 1 side

6m x 2m open 2 sides = twice that of 2m x 2m open 1 side + 2m x 2m corner

6m x 2m open 3 sides = 2m x 2m open 1 side + twice that of 2m x 2m corner


NOTE ON Caterers

**** Application of catering pitches are by email only - if you wish to do catering, please email with your proposed menu. Applications close by the end of October 2016. ****

Price of catering pitch includes use of kitchen facilities on the 3rd floor of the venue, accessible via a lift in the loading bay

All caterers are advised to bring their own sinks to the event.

All caterers must possess insurance (public liability and employers liability) and food hygiene documents and must submit them by the end of December 2016 - see paperwork section for full details.

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VegfestUK Brighton is a 2 day event. However, we do have options for those wishing to exhibit on 1 day only.

As a guide to prices for 1 day stalls, they are half the 2 day rates, plus a £25 admin fee.

Please contact the office in advance if you like a 1 day stall. 

All prices subject to 20% VAT 


Power can be booked at a fee only at those stalls coloured in yellow on the floor plan. So if you wish to have power at your stall, please make sure to choose a stall at which power can be booked.

(all power on overnight) 

  Charity Trader
13amp £75.00 £95.00
32amp £150.00 £195.00

All prices subject to 20% VAT 



1 pallet £40 + vat



The Brighton Centre provides a wireless LAN service which is designed to facilitate the use of e-mail, World Wide Web browsing and accessing corporate intranets. A sustained high volume data transfer is not permitted.

Should you wish to hire a secure broadband network, please fill in the form here and return it to

NB: Requests for secure internet must be made at least 7 days prior to the event. Late requests (i.e. requests made less than 7 days prior to the event) will be subject to a 25% surcharge.


Vegan Policy

Please note all products on offer at VegfestUK Brighton must be 100% plant-based and must not include any animal products of any description.

And no advertising materials which promote the use of animal products can be displayed at the show. 

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other marketing options

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Booking your stall

Please read the terms and conditions here carefully before booking

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